What We Do

We Meet Together

Our Sunday mornings are a mix of Biblical teaching and lively worship that reflects the kind of freedom that only comes from God’s Spirit when things are done in a fitting and orderly way.
The Last Sunday in the month is usually our Integrate Service when we endeavour to bring the different generations together in worship. The children are especially encouraged to take part and we have lots of fun followed by some teaching from the Bible.
Everything that happens will be announced and explained by whoever is leading the meeting. Nobody is expected to do anything that they may feel uncomfortable about and although we would encourage you to join in as we worship God, you are most welcome to simply “sit in” if that is what you wish.

We Break Bread Together

Communion is otherwise known as “The Lords Supper” or “The Lords Table” or simply “Breaking of Bread”. This consists of a shared meal of bread and a drink that we share.

This meal was given to the church by Jesus as a way of remembering Him.

Although you don’t need to be an official member of our church to join us in this meal, we do insist that it is only for those who have repented of their sins, believe the good news about Jesus and are following Him.

If you have not yet received Jesus as your personal Saviour or if you do not feel that it would be right for you to take Communion this week, please indicate to the server by a simple shake of the head.  Your role will be to observe as the church “proclaims the death of Jesus”. 

According to the Scriptures, participation in this meal requires spiritual and moral self examination.  Therefore, those who are not capable of such self examination for whatever reason, including very small children, should not be served Communion in this way.

We Pray Together

Most weeks we meet on Sunday evening at 6:30 to pray together in our “Body Ministry” time, so called because everyone is encouraged to participate and build one other up. Although we encourage the use of the Gifts of the Spirit in all our meetings, this smaller, interactive and more intimate meeting is for many, the ideal setting to serve one another in this way.

We Drink Coffee Together

On the first Monday of the month, 10am till 11:30am we have Fresh Coffee – our coffee morning. Great coffee, good biscuits, fantastic company. (see notices for details).

Ladies Bible Study

On the third Monday of the month, 10:30am till 12:00 noon we have our Ladies Bible Study, led by Christine Cowling. A time to get to grips with God’s Word and enjoy fellowship with one another.

We Teach Our Children the Bible

Fresh Kids, led by Sue Laming and her team of dedicated teachers and helpers, serves our children up to the age of 11 by providing mixture of Bible teaching and fun activities week by week.